West Prince Veterinary Hospital

1622 O’Leary Road





Disease Treatments and Protocols - Our team of licensed veterinarians are ready to diagnose and treat any illness affecting your cattle as well as help you design a disease prevention program specific to your operation.

Emergency Services - Our clinic provides emergency services to our farm clients on a 24-hour basis. Typical emergency calls for cattle include milk fever, dystocia (difficulty-calving), bloat, and severe injuries. 

Reproduction Programs - We recognize the importance of efficient reproduction. We offer a variety of services and products to help maximize reproductive performance on your farm. On-site ultrasound services can diagnose pregnancy as early as 30 days after breeding, as well as assess fetal viability.

Vaccinations & Deworming - We feel that some of the best money spent on disease is what you spend on the prevention of that disease. Our veterinarians are eager to maximize your production and herd health with an individually-designed vaccination and deworming program featuring the latest products and protocols to address your herd’s needs