West Prince Veterinary Hospital

1622 O’Leary Road



Surgery Day Details


Bringing your furry family member in for surgery can be strange and stressful for you. We hope this detailed information helps you.

We will call you the day before your scheduled surgery day to confirm the time we want you here and remind you to fast your pet  the night before.

When you arrive on your surgery day our receptionists will walk you into one of our exam rooms where a technician will ask you some pre-surgical questions. 

Once the questioning is over we will take "Fluffy" with us to the back and get a weight on him and he will be placed in one of our kennels with a nice cuddle blanket until it is his time for surgery.

Once they are sedated and placed under anesthesia there is always vein access via  catheter for IV fluids and for emergency use. Also they are being monitored by a technician and monitoring equipment the entire procedure. After the procedure we place them back in their warm and soft bed in their kennel and are checked on frequently through out the rest of the day until we find them safe to be returned home for recovery.

When you come to pick up "Fluffy" we will talk about the home-care instructions, send you home with a paper re-iterating everything we've spoke about. We also call in the see how they're recovering within the next 24 hours.