West Prince Veterinary Hospital

1622 O’Leary Road



Microchip ID


Having a microchip in your pet can be really great! We offer that service here while they are awake and when they are under anesthesia (for cheaper). When this is being done we will need you to fill out a paper of information about yourself and contact information.

This chip will be placed in the skin between the shoulder blades and it has a specific number attached to the chip. (every pet has a different number) If they were to go missing and brought to another vet clinic or humane society they can simply scan the shoulder area and hope a microchip number will show up on the scanner. This allows us to call the microchip company and have them find your information through the number given. 

Another reason a microchip can be a great idea is if someone was trying to steal your pet or say that the pet you have is actually theirs, we can scan the shoulders and hope they have a microchip in them so we can determine who owns the animal.